Cultural Mentors

We are very grateful to our wonderful Cultural Mentors who are helping to guide and inspire Outdoor Health Forum 2024:

               LUKE MABB – Wakka Wakka man, well loved within the Tasmanian Aboriginal community

              DJUKER WILLIS HART – Kuku-Yalanji, Buthcula and Wakka Wakka man, born in Tasmania

              JANICE ROSS –  saltwater sister who designed the artwork for the Forum 2024 logo

               KAYDY-MOANA JONES –  Maori cultural knowledge holder

                TAINA McCLUTCHIE – Maori cultural knowledge holder

UNCLE KEN JONES – Boandik man, elder to the Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy & Outdoor Health Australia

AUNTY JUDY ATKINSON – Emeritus professor, champion of Indigenous healing and outdoor health practices in Australia


…and other members of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community