Why do we call it a Forum and not a Conference?


OHA have deliberately chosen to gather around the notion of a Forum, rather than a Conference, because of the different emphasis that it places on who brings knowledge.


In its modern form the structure of conferences often highlight a difference between the professional ‘key note’ speakers and the ‘delegates’ who are the ‘receivers of knowledge’. We use the term Forum and draw from its ancient Greek meaning, which is ‘a marketplace’. As such, our annual gatherings are a marketplace for sharing and exchanging professional skills, knowledge and practice wisdom. The diverse community of people who gather to share their practice, ideas, programs or services under the umbrella of Outdoor Health  (OH) are seen as active participants in the innovation and generation of what evidence-informed nature-based services currently are,  and can become.


Forums are an opportunity to  bring your personal and professional self, barter ideas, search out new innovative practices, share, be curious, and be inspired by what is being created around our region. Forums are the best place to discuss what the bedrocks of safe and effective OH practices might include deepening our knowledge of how we understand the effects and intersections of need that people face when they come and seek us out, and how we can respond. If you would like more information, see the Proceedings of the First event of this kind, the First South Pacific Wilderness Adventure Therapy Forum, held in Bacchus Marsh Victoria in 2002. 

Terms & Conditions
  1. Photography: The Event Organiser (OHA) reserves all rights to photograph, film or record this event for any purpose (e.g., social media, website etc). It is the responsibility of the purchaser to advise the event organiser upon attendance if they do not wish any images of themselves to be used, and to take responsibility for removing themselves from the view of a camera recording the event of OHA’s behalf.
  1. Program: The Event Organiser OHA reserves the right to change the program and sessions without notice.
  1. Refund Policy: The Event Organiser OHA does not offer refunds for the following reasons:
  • Failure or inability to attend the event
  • Change of mind
  • Late attendance
  • Refused entry or eviction from the event
  • Changes/alterations to the line-up/program
  • Event dissatisfaction
  • Severe weather – this is an all-weather event, no refunds will be made if you choose not to attend due to inclement weather.

The Event Organiser OHA may offer discretionary refunds for extenuating circumstances. Supporting documentation may be requested. If the decision is made to refund purchase of Forum tickets, OHA will need to withhold a small administration fee to process the refund.



  1. Accommodation: If the participant chooses to forfeit accommodation and stay offsite this is at their own cost. All efforts will be made to ensure accommodation requests are met however final room configurations are OHA’s decision.
  1. Responsible Alcohol Policy: The Forum is an alcohol free event.

Are there Forum T-shirts for purchase?


Yes! We have some fabulous Forum T-Shirts with the artwork of Janice Ross, strong and proud Tasmanian Aboriginal Salwater Sister. Pre-order here so you don’t miss out!: https://outdoorhealth.org.au/product/forum-tee/