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Key Forum Dates & Times

Sunday 14 April
3pm – 5pm: Registration / check-in open
5pm onwards: Dinner, opening ceremony and evening entertainment

Sample Day (except for Wednesday Immersion Day)
Sunrise Sessions (optional)
Cultural Grounding
Guest Spotlight Session
Morning Tea
Wisdom Sharing Sessions
Explorative Workshops
Afternoon Tea
Immersion Circles
Evening Entertainment, Poetry, Dance and Song

Friday 19 April
11am: Forum concludes
11.30am: First shuttle departs

Spotlight Sessions

All Forum Sessions

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Djuker Willis Hart

A Spirit of Adventure

Val Nicholls, Fiona Cameron

Adventure to Thrive – a capacity building program for children, young people and those that support them

Johanna Bechtle, Kylie Agnew

Session duration: 120 minutes

Anchored in Ventral

Sue Jakes, Nadine Delaney

Session duration: 90 minutes

Becoming ethical: centring ethics in outdoor health practice

Ben Knowles

Session duration: 30 minutes

Being On Country: A Cultural Determinant of Health

Jacob Prehn

Beyond Representation: People of Color (POC) working in Outdoor Education in Australia

Pei Ting Tham

Session duration: 60 minutes

Bollywood in the Bush – Eco-somatic Connections and Climate Action

Shamila Millard

Session duration: 90 minutes

Bridging Gaps

Arianne Reis, Nicole Peel, Tonia Gray

Can you out-grow adventure therapy? How to tailor Adventure Therapy sessions for clients across the life span

Kylie Agnew, Johanna Bechtle

Session duration: 120 minutes

Carving Conversations

Michael Naismith

Climate Cafe

Lucy Van Sambeek, Clare Pitt

Session duration: 90 minutes

Connect to Country Yoga

Kim Wood

Session duration: 90 minutes

Connecting with nature for resilience

Rachel Yerbury

Session duration: 90 minutes

Corazonando in Lutruwita

Joselynn Baltra-Ulloa, Sarita Galvez-Donoso, Bryan Phillips

Session duration: 60 minutes

Cultural Informed Outdoor Therapy Training

Anita Pryor, Clare Raffety, Luke Mabb, Ben Knowles

Session duration: 90 minutes

Decolonizing systems: Bringing an indigenous perspective into the health system 

Luke Mabb

Doubling down together: Supporting the wellbeing of people and planet through innovative nature-based practices and professional pathways.

Amanda Smith, Glenn Woods, Paddy Oregan, Clare Raffety, Anita Pryor & Ben Knowles

Session duration: 90 minutes

Efficacy of Boys Adventure Based Occupational Therapy Group

Max Jessop

Finding Comfort in the Discomfort: An opportunistic approach for a growth mindset and achieving mental fortitude in unfamiliar places

Christina Gwilliam

Session duration: 90 minutes

FRANKLIN film screening, followed by Q&A with Oliver Cassidy

Oliver Cassidy

Getting to the heart of the matter: Dyadic Developmental Practice/Psychotherapy (DDP). What it is, how it drew us in and how it fits with Outdoor Health.

Lorren Arezio, Alberto Veloso, Georgie Carr

Session duration: 90 minutes

Growing EcoPsychological Flexibility : How to Integrate Acceptance & Commitment Therapy in Outdoor Activity

Rich Thorpe

Session duration: 90 minutes

Guiding good practice for managing non-physical risk in the outdoors

Becky Harth, Ben Knowles

Session duration: 60 minutes

Horsepower in EMDR Therapy

Sue Jakes, Nadine Delaney

Session duration: 60 minutes

Igniting Fire in the Belly When the Earth is Burning: What does being “Climate-Aware” look like for Outdoor Health practitioners?

Clare Pitt, Lucy Van Sambeek

Session duration: 90 minutes

K_li_i: The Rite to Leadership

Kahuaolamau Julian

Session duration: 90 minutes

Living with dementia, connecting to nature

Pauline Marsh, Janet Thomas, Cassandra Thomson

Session duration: 120 minutes

Maastuyker Island: A therapists reflections of compassion fatigue and caring for a wild island

Georgie Carr

Session duration: 60 minutes

Mental Health Therapy in Nature amidst Extreme Weather Events and COVID-19

Cassandra Fletcher-Dunham

Session duration: 30 minutes

Muddy Roots: Outdoor Education from The Indian Tradition

Siddhesh Barale

Session duration: 60 minutes

Nature Be In It: Let them Go and Watch them Grow – Bringing outdoor play to Australian Schools

Kara Spence

Nature Connection Storytelling Pod

Jen Sharman

Session duration: 2 Days

Nature’s Crescendo: Harmonizing Well-being with Music, Rhythm, and Regulation

Lili Taylor

Nature’s Love: Experiences of LGBTIQASB+ participants, practitioners and researchers telling their stories in Outdoor Health and Outdoor Therapy

Amanda Smith, Ingrid Neumann, Patrick Kay, Rell Oliver-Braddock, Emme K

Session duration: 90 minutes

Nurturing Growth Outdoors

Madeline Avci

Session duration: 60 minutes

Our drowned forest

Uncle Ken Jones

Session duration: 30 minutes

Pathways to Knowing

Cathryn Carpenter, Tonia Gray

Planting nature into healthcare

Dimity Williams

Restor(y)ing our relationship with the natural world and the “outdoors” – a South Asian perspective

Tanya Ginwala

Session duration: 60 minutes

SALTWATER THERAPY: How surfing and the ocean has helped me manage a stage four cancer diagnosis

Tim Baker

Sand Play

Kim Wood

Session duration: 60 minutes

Setting up a business for success in 2024

Lori Modde

Shooting Stars-Lessons we learn with and from young people through Adventure based therapeutic respite camps

Rachel Robinson

Session duration: 30 minutes

Sound Medicine Hike (Forest bathing, plant music & sound healing amongst the trees)

Catherine Marty

Session duration: 90 minutes

Story Weaving for Future Forums

Dassi Herszberg

Storytelling from Earth Presence 

Moran Wiesel

Session duration: 60 minutes

Sustaining a Career in the Outdoor Health Profession.

Kit Kline

Session duration: 90 minutes

Tai Mai, Tai Atu, Tae Ora: Tides of Ultimate Vitality

Kaydy-Moana Jones

Session duration: 90 minutes

The 5 love languages of nature

Louise Elliott

The health and wellbeing benefits of connecting with nature

Kate Sollis, Emily Flies, Pauline Marsh, Mae Woodruff, Megan Supplitt

The Mountain Path

Paul Pritchard

Trail Tracing and walking with grief

Laura Engel

Treating anxiety by not treating anxiety; the wisdom of nature

Mauro Vieira

Session duration: 60 minutes

Tree Bingo

Kit Kline

Session duration: 120 minutes

Walk & Talk Therapy- Research and Practice

Andi Dickmeyer

Session duration: 30 minutes

Walk & Talk: A Model Developed From Self Responsibility Groupwork & Indigenous Practice

Nick Hall

Session duration: 90 minutes

What is an Indigenist approach to outdoor health practice?

Glenn Woods

Session duration: 120 minutes

What makes a great program?

Michael Naismith

Session duration: 90 minutes

When ‘adventure’ looks like ‘still and chill’ with nature. Forest Bathing evidence and application.

Bronwyn Paynter

Session duration: 30 minutes

Yatra: A Pilgrimage Toward a Connected Life

Ronny Hickel, Amalia Patourakis

Session duration: 90 minutes