Paul Pritchard – The Mountain Path

The Mountain Path

Paul Pritchard


The Mountain Path is about the lessons it is possible to learn from the Mountain (the natural world) – learnings in patience and pilgrimage, determination and acceptance. The impermanence of all things, but not from an intellectual level but an experiential level.

About the presenter/s

Paul is a professional mountaineer and disability awareness educator. He has tackled adventures the world over, from Patagonia to the Himalayas. He has an incredible story — a story ultimately of acceptance. While climbing the world’s most slender needle of rock – The Totem Pole – a boulder dislodged from 25m and crushed Paul’s skull. The result was a massive brain injury. His partner, Celia Bull, had to haul him 30 metres to a ledge. Paul permanently lost use of his right side and could not talk for a year. It took doctors many months to get his epileptic seizures under control. Astonishingly Paul returned to The Totem Pole 18 years after his brain injury. For this, he was awarded the Australian Geographic Spirit of Adventure medal and was nominated for Australian of the Year. Since the accident, Paul has led teams of ‘Disabled Adventurers’ on cycles to Mount Everest and on expedition up Kilimanjaro. In 2022 Paul led a team of people with disabilities on a traverse of the 232km Larapinta Trail in the Red Centre. Paul is a shining example of resilience and the courage we can find when we work with what we’ve got.