Immersion Day

As an attendee of the 2024 Forum, you are invited to attend an Immersion Day on Wednesday 17 April. This is an opportunity to immerse in an outdoor health experience, connect with country, relax, unwind, connect with others in a social and experiential way, drop into a topic for a whole or half day, create, and simply get the wind in your hair.



Some sessions are free of charge, while others attract an additional cost. There are a variety of options from on-site, through to whole day activities off site. Some sessions are fully hosted and facilitated, with all gear required, and no previous experience necessary. Others are self guided, where transport or gear may be provided. Many are all ages, all abilities. Please get in touch if you’d like more information about accessibility.



On the Immersion Day morning, you will gather a packed-lunch from the kitchen and anything you might need for your activity and take it with you for the day. April in Lutruwita / Tasmania could bring any weather, so remember to pack a waterproof jacket and some insulative clothing, as well as sun protection.

How it works: Once you are registered for the Forum a link will be provided for you to book your preferred day. Your email will be sent to the Immersion Day provider who will reach out to you by the 1st of April with any extra information you may need to know. If there is an extra cost to the activity, they will explain how to action this. From here on, your provider will be the best person to connect with about your Immersion Day.

Next steps: Peruse the options on offer below and choose your favourite. Once you have registered for the Forum (or for those who already have), you will receive an email with a link to book your Immersion. To keep the day intimate, there are limited places for each Immersion which will fill on a first-come basis. Please make your booking by Mon 11 March.


Tasmanian Aboriginal man dancing traditional dance

kani milaythina tunapri (talk country knowledge)

Connect with each other and Country, and be guided by Aboriginal cultural practitioners and knowledge holders.

This special and intimate day with the local Tasmanian aboriginal community of Lutruwita / Tasmania will invite participants to ground, connect and form a deeper understanding of country.

There will be a variety of offerings to step into including reading country for fire, cultural tools, yarning, bush tucker, medicines and cultural walks.

Attending this day supports members of the local community to continue their practice of sharing knowledge and facilitate these type of offerings into the future. Thank you! Be part of this special and intimate day with Aboriginal cultural practitioners and knowledge holders.

Facilitating Adventure Therapy Experiences

This professional development opportunity, offered by Adventure Therapy Aotearoa, is aimed at developing practitioners. This full day workshop is designed for people wanting to develop their group facilitation skills.

The day is activity based and covers some of the fundamental elements of working with groups and using experiential learning processes. Activities will be facilitated and then discussed so that participants experience the process and have an opportunity to reflect on their engagement and on their potential use of these activities in practice. Theory will be integrated throughout the day, related to the experiential learning cycle, group development, facilitating an environment to support learning and growth, and the fundamentals of trauma informed practice.

All activities are able to be facilitated indoors or outdoors. Participants will have opportunities to share their own ideas so that the group is learning from each other as well as the facilitators.

Your Hosts: Helen Jeffery + Kelly O'Hagan, Adventure Therapy Aotearoa:

aerial view of a river and trees

BY GUM: Healing Country

A day long tour of three spectacular East Coast properties showcasing positive stories about landscape recovery, saving threatened species, covenants and giving back to the Aboriginal custodians.

This special opportunity to visit three spectacular east Coast properties led by Aboriginal educator Linton Burgess, restoration ecologist Magali Wright and Nipaluna Nursery leaders.

1. Okehampton, Orford-Experience a spectacular 3500-acre conservation, cultural preservation, and coastal sheep farming property. Dr Magali Wright (Landscape Recovery Foundation) and Dr Rebecca Jones (University of Tasmania) will showcase the Morrisby’s gum (Eucalyptus morrisbyi) trial at Okehampton. Morrisby’s gum is a small endemic to SE Tas and one of Australia’s most threatened Eucalypt species This is the first assisted migration trial of a Eucalypt species to adapt to the impacts of climate change in Tasmania.

2. Watchhouse Hills Little Swanport, A covenanted property with Tasmanian Land Conservancy, features towering old-growth blue gum (Eucalyptus globulus) forest. It is a threatened forest community providing essential habitat for a diversity of threatened species making it a vital addition to Tasmania’s protected area network. These forests are rarely seen on Tasmania’s east coast and are essential for providing the critically endangered swift parrot (Lathamus discolor) with food, shelter and breeding hollows, and the best possible chance of survival. Jimmy Collinson will talk about land management and Pip Jones will discuss private land environmental covenants while we enjoy the vistas of this property.

3. Windsong-a 220 ha farming property, situated at Little Swanport encouraging voluntary participation in property rehabilitation including weed management and revegetation. Landholders Tom and Jane Tenniswood handed back half their land (110 hectares) to the Aboriginal community, the first private land return in the state. We will be welcomed with a smoking ceremony and walk that land with Aboriginal leader Linton Burgess. Tom and Jane will share their story whilst participants will snack on some indigenous treats. Nipaluna Nursery will lead some practical land management that could include seed collection and watering.

Your Hosts: Nipaluna Nursery

Sea Kayaking - Explore the Coast

Join Southern Sea Ventures and delve into the world of sea kayaking. Explore the sheltered coastline with the stunning Maria Island as a backdrop.

Enjoy the opportunity to explore the coast and marine environment under your own steam, learn about sea kayaking as a medium for BAT opportunities, observe the uniquely Tasmanian marine life or simply soak in the local environment on this day of gentle adventure. This would be an introduction to sea kayaking, open to all ages over 8 years of age and abilities with a focus on sea kayaking as a means to explore coastal environments.

Your Hosts: Southern Sea Ventures:

Sand River Climbing - Self Guided

Come and discover Tassie's number one sportclimbing spot on some of the best sandstone in Tasmania.

Join us for a self-guided climbing experience in Sandriver. Routes are graded from easy 14's up until hard 27's. This experience is only for experienced climbers. bring your own gear; we will arrange transport.

Sit On Top Kayaking - Self Guided

Fancy a paddle at your own pace? Lend a kayak for the day and go explore sea country direct from camp.

Take charge of your immersion day, on the water. Book a kayak and paddle in the direction of your choosing. This option is designed for you to explore sea country at your self-guided leisure. It's important you have enough paddling experience to manage the kayak under your own steam and exploring with the shoreline close is recommended.

Kayak numbers are limited. You can choose a double or single. If you book a double, please ensure you have a partner to accompany. Pack your own warm gear suitable for being on the water. Remember shoes to protect your feet for launching / returning to base. You will be introduced to your kayak between 9-10am. Two of the double kayaks are suitable for a parent to paddle with a smaller child. Please note, this activity is taken at your own risk. You are responsible for your own actions when using the kayak.

Maria Island - Self Guided

Catch the ferry across to Maria Island for hiking, swimming, history, beaches and more. Follow your own desires in this self-guided exploration.

Catch the Ferry to the beautiful Maria Island for a day of hiking, swimming and exploring. Maria is an incredibly unique Island, a hub for local wildlife, secluded beaches and fantastic hiking. It boasts a rich and eclectic mix of history, with buildings to explore as well as the natural landscapes.

The Ferry will drop you off in the North of the Island at Darlington. Then set off and choose your adventures for the day! Hike to the famous painted cliffs, summit the spectacular Bishop and Clerk, or explore Darlingtons rich history, take a picnic lunch to Skipping Ridge and marvel at the local wildlife then finish off with a swim on one of the island's many white sandy beaches. The information center on the island has print outs of all the options for exploration, such as the hiking options including timings, kilometers and what you can expect to see. Bikes are also available to rent on the island if you’re wanting to cover more kilometers and see as much of the Island as possible.

Alternatively, book a second Immersion Day to ebike for half the day on the island with Eco Tourism Adventure, where you'll get a guided tour.

eBike Story Ride Maria Island

Explore the stories, wildlife and spectacular coastal scenery of Wukalawikiwayna /Maria Island on a 2.5 hour story e-bike ride adventure.

Palawa Tasmanian’s have held wukaluwikayna as sacred spiritual gateway since the beginning of time. Your story-based adventure connects you to the island’s convict inhabitants and their struggles to escape, along with the pioneering spirit of 19th century Italian entrepreneur, viticulturist and industrialist Diago Bernacchi and the visionary wildlife conservationists responsible for the protection of Maria as a National Park in 1972.

In a 3 hour experience we will explore Fossil Cliffs and head down to the Painted Cliffs stopping to connect with wildlife and stories along the way. Participants can self explore Darlington and surrounds for the remainder of the day when not riding.

Your Host: Ben Rea, Tasmanian eBike Adventures:

Colour Potentials of Nature - Natural Printing & Dyeing Workshop

Together we will experiment with local plants, food waste and found objects to create gorgeous colours, prints and textures.

All equipment and materials are provided to introduce the simple techniques of eco-bundling, shibori, hapa zome + more. It will be a wonderful day of creativity and connection. Ages 14 and above - no experience necessary.

Outline of day:

We will start with mindfulness meditation and acknowledgement
As a group we will share introductions and intentions
I will share information about traditional dyeing and printing techniques
I will guide a walk to connect with nature and to collect material
We will then experiment on provided fabric with the different techniques
- Scarf size silk or linen for eco-bundling
- Fabric for shibori and hapa zome
- Watercolour paper for flower painting with pH
- Patchwork your own zipper pouch with fabric scraps
- Nature Journaling and documenting
We will sit and enjoy the lunch and hot beverages provided
To finish we will reflect on our creations and share any learnings.

Your Host: Coralee Williams, Inspired by Nature Tasmania:

Nature. Be in it.

A bush day for kids!

Come join us for a day of adventurous play outside. Our child-led program helps children gain independence, build resilience, grow their confidence, expand their problem-solving skills and make new friends. We lead play experiences that allows for self-discovery and understanding the natural ecosystems we are part of. We will finish the day with a fire to cook damper on and make a hot chocolate. Other activities include, making bush swings, climbing trees, making potions and mixtures, building cubby houses, learning new bush skills and making new friends.

Your Host: Kara,

Lady with long hair playing a large harp surrounded by rocks trees and shrubs

Earth Sound Immersion

Weaving together intentional sound journeys, embodied somatic listening and warm group connection, this is a day to connect into the creative and inner wisdom of yourself and the deep wisdom of earth.

Together we will be immersed in the sounds of earth and an array of instruments including two harps, a flute, a handheld frame drum, ocean drum, singing bowls, tuning forks, earth-inspired poetry, and our own internal music.

The day will involve receiving sound; being-with the sound and essence of landscape; making sound ourselves; playfully exploring the outer and inner landscape; and being in a nourishing circle of humans. There will be space for reflections and sharings, including wonderings on how these practices and learnings might apply to our own life and work.

Come prepared for a day of playful connecting, listening, moving, and sharing with the quiet wonder of Lutruwita’s East Coast bush. Ahhh, bliss!

Your Hosts: Moran Wiesel, Stephanie Wilson, Georgie Carr

Choose Your Own Adventure

Sometimes, we just want to go our own way. If this feels like you - select a day to immerse yourself in what feels right.

This option indicates you are happy to be under your own direction and steam for this Immersion Day. Enjoy the day in your own company, doing an activity that feels nourishing to your soul. You are in charge. Go your own way.

Two people on mountain bikes riding through a forest along a river

MTB Riding/Skills on Kunanyi

Full day of mountain biking in the amazing kunanyi/Mt Wellington reserve. A mix of skill building and riding on a recently revitalised classic “The North-South track”. All experience levels are welcome to join.

We will head out on the North-South track, a beautifully approachable trail suitable for riders of various skill levels. Surrounded by other trails, it provides an ideal setting for skills-based coaching sessions to enhance riders' abilities and confidence before tackling longer trails. Our focus for the day will be on the theme of milaythina. As we build skills in the early part of the day, we aim to understand the land beneath our tires, fostering a connection and the ability to read the terrain as we ride through it. Moving up the mountain, we'll experience different climates and our guides will impart knowledge on adapting to change, fostering growth as the landscape shifts.

Your Hosts: Tailored Trails:

Abseiling; Doing it Scared

An introduction to Fear Therapy. Facing your fears through the process of radical acceptance.

This Immersion Day will commence with a presentation followed by an abseil challenge. “This challenging ourselves in wild nature, if we do it often enough, pushes us to do our best, be our best, to strive to be more comfortable with inevitable fears, to be more trusting, and more able to be dedicated. It enables us to put painful events such as illness, grief and loss into perspective, and, dare I say it, live a more harmonious life.” Paul Pritchard: The Mountain Path

Your Hosts: Paul Pritchard: and Adventure Works Australia:

Nature Connection Storytelling Pod

Dive into the storytelling pod with the Nature Connection Project Team to craft your own story about nature connection.

Storytelling is a powerful tool for understanding how people make meaning about our connection to nature. Stories can help us think more critically and sensitively about the impact of nature connection on our lives and on the planet.

With this in mind, the Nature Connection Storytelling Team will guide participants to craft their own story about nature connection. This might be a written story, but it could be an art work or video creation – it’s up to you! Stories can be made public on the Nature Connection Storytelling Website.

The Nature Connection Storytelling Pod will provide an opportunity for participants to craft their own story about nature connection. This might be a written story, or an art work or video creation! Stories will be publishable on the Nature Connection storytelling Website. The Pod will be on site all wee with basic art materials, you can use this time to dive deeper into the creative without distraction! We encourage you to bring what you may need to make your own story come to life.

Check out the Nature Connection Project at

Beach Forest Bathing

Not all Forest Bathing happens in a forest!

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic embrace of nature! Join us for a unique Forest Bathing and Nature Connection Day on the beach. Experience the beach as your 'forest,' exploring the rich edges between land, sea, and sky.

Forest Bathing isn't about swimming – it's an experience of awakening your senses to the natural world. Wander slowly, guided by gentle invitations to notice, touch, smell, listen, taste and be present. Evidence-based benefits include a calmer (de-escalated) sympathetic nervous system, improved mood, and enhanced vitality.

After lunch, delve into creative processes, using the occupational therapy Kawa model, to explore your ecological identity and nature connection.

Reconnect, rejuvenate, and nourish your practice!

Your Host: Bronwyn Paynter, Nature OT:

Two people in the sea wearing snorkelling masks and equipment smiling

Sensory Snorkeling

Sensory snorkeling adventure on Spring Beach.

An immersive salty experience to ignite your senses through exploring the underwater world of Spring Beach! Don our snorkeling gear and learn how to prepare and feel comfort and confidence in our bodies and our body of ocean that we all depend. Join ocean guide Shannon from the Salty Tribe on a guided half day/full day snorkeling adventure at local Spring Beach. A popular dive site for snorkellers and divers alike, an abundance of wild life and beautiful crystal clear waters.

Together we will:

● Explore the underwater world by snorkel
● Grow your ocean awareness and explore how your senses respond to the ocean
● Be guided through self and water (muka) connection practices to help you feel greater comfort and confidence
● Learn how unique the marine life of south-east Australia is
● Hone your observation skills of nature to admire the small stuff

Your Host: Shannon, The Salty Tribe:

paint roller used to roll paint over leaves and paper to create nature prints

Nature Printing

Join Moving Creature Studio to learn the art of printing objects from nature.

During the nature printing workshop we will have a walk around the campsite and down to Spring Beach to gather up a variety of leaves, nuts, seeds, rocks, seaweed and shells. We will then return to our printing area where we can experiment with a few different ways of printing. Using both stamp pads and ink rollers to apply ink to the various leaves etc that we have collected. Using both fine Japanese paper and thin European printmaking papers we will be printing using a traditional Japanese Baren to apply gentle pressure to the paper and inked objects.

The anticipation and wonder of discovering how much ink transfers onto the paper is always an exciting moment as participants lift their print up to see how it looks.

Your Hosts: John Robinson, Moving Creature Studio:


An introduction into improvised social theatre and how it can enrich our stories in outdoor health.

This day-long workshop will introduce you to a form of improvised social theatre called Playback. Playback Theatre is a tool used worldwide for community witnessing and transformation, where participants are invited to share true stories from their lives that are reflected back to them as an improvised performance. In Playback, many of the same skills that we use as outdoor facilitators can also apply – deep listening, reflecting back emotions, creating narratives, embodiment and authenticity.

This workshop will be a playful and accessible to try out some improvised performance using your body, voice, and musical instruments. Although you may not think of yourself as a performer, you might be surprised how this mode of communication opens up deep channels of relating as we learn to really be present for one another’s stories.

You will also gain some tools that you can use to process and guide outdoor therapeutic experiences, help clients to feel witnessed and understood, and deepen an embodied connection to nature, one’s self, and group members.

Your Hosts: Emily Conolan + Satyamo Roberts, Hobart Playback Theatre Company: