Dimity Williams – Planting nature into healthcare

Planting nature into healthcare

Dimity Williams


Planting nature into healthcare

Join experienced GP, Dr Dimity Williams as she discusses how encouraging patients to slow down and mindfully ‘be’ in nature is a key part of her approach.

Modern life has seen screen spaces replace green places as we have moved inside and into virtual worlds. This change has not been good for us, or our planet. Lifestyle-related diseases and mental health problems are overwhelming health systems everywhere. Meanwhile, outside, the natural world is falling apart with climate change and mass extinctions of plants and animals. The solution is simple: we need to reconnect to nature. Join mother, nature lover and GP, Dr Dimity Williams, as she discusses nature based health interventions. Find out how to fit a ‘green hour’ into your day and write your own ‘nature prescription’.

About the presenter/s

Dr Dimity Williams is a mother, nature lover and family doctor. Passionate about integrating nature into health care, Dimity delights in issuing nature prescriptions and believes nature play is essential for children. She is a co-founder of the Kids in Nature Network. Her book, Nature, Our Medicine: How the natural world sustains us, is described by Environmentalist Dr Bob Brown as “a life-changing proposition. It takes us through the rapids of our high-stress world to the calming balm of nature – Just like rafting the Franklin.”